Du bist am Zug (It’s Your Move) gives people the opportunity to become more visible in public space. To this end, we give away 1500 billboards in Berlin to creative minds!

Politics and commerce have long been very prominent in regard to communication in public places. Yet, we believe that many people also have things to say and to show. For these people, we have created Du bist am Zug, with the kind support of Wall GmbH.

We premier this project this summer in Berlin, and we invite everyone in this city to submit their creative contributions: we accept everything, be it a drawing of one’s own, a poem, an anecdote, or a photograph – it’s up to you to decide how your city should look!?

We reserve our right to exclude inappropriate contributions, hate speech, bullying, defamation and all types of advertising. Unfortunately, we cannot publish URLs, QR codes, e-mail addresses, social media accounts and phone numbers. Our interdisciplinary board of experts will decide on borderline cases of freedom of (artistic) expression.

Show Berlin what inspires you, what is important to you, what touches you, what you find beautiful, or just how creative you are: everything you want to share with people in Berlin! Each person may submit one contribution. In addition, parents can submit contributions in the name of their children.?

This premier is naturally intended for people in Berlin in the first place – after all, they will have to look at the 1500 City-Light posters 😉

Yet, since we do not want to exclude anyone, we offer the opportunity to submit contributions to those located outside of Berlin as well. Please indicate your city on our upload-page – this way, you give us a clue, where the project should go next!

On June 5th, 2022, we will close the upload and randomly draw the 1500 contributions that will be subsequently printed on posters. The posters will appear in the streets of Berlin in July-August. All the participants thus have an equal chance to marvel at their messages in Berlin this summer.?

We cannot provide information about the location of each contribution in the city. To stay updated, just follow us on social media!

We are very much looking forward to your contribution and can’t wait to discover what you would like to share with Berlin. It’s your move! – Scroll down to submit your contribution.

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We are excited to start our project Du bist am Zug (It’s your move), and invite everyone located in Berlin to submit a contribution now! In these troubling times, marked by the long pandemic and international insecurity that both contribute to social estrangement, we suggest an alternative platform for social discourse. Here, you have a stage to express whatever you choose, whatever you want to share with others. It does not have to do with politics. It does not have to do with Covid-19. It could be a picture of your pet. It could be your wish for the coming summer or a difficult experience you’ve had. It should be your own personal message – whether textual or visual.

We are very much looking forward to your contribution! We can’t wait to discover what you would like to share with others. It’s your move!

We thank our partners!

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