Thank you!

That’s it. Thanks for participating! Despite the heat, it was a pleasure to walk through Berlin to discover your posters! We are sorry for everyone whose poster has not been found. We tried to visit every location and to see every single poster but we also realised how big Berlin is. But please be sure that we appreciate everything.

We need to apologise for the somewhat misleading dates on the website. We simply forgot to communicate the changed dates. Du bist am Zug turned out to be a lot of work and at times it became a little overwhelming for our small team. You have to keep in mind that we were doing Du bist am Zug while still having to work our regular jobs and not everything always went as smoothly as we would have desired. We definitely learned a lot of new things every single day and we are really proud of all of you who made the city so much more interesting for at least a short amount of time.

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